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Education Clip Library is designed to fulfil the growing demand for high quality video from educational business users worldwide to incorporate into their products, services and courses which are aimed at learners aged 3-19 and their teachers.

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The service comprises a library of educationally contextualised video clips. It covers all major curriculum areas, and will grow constantly in size and scope.


Clips for teaching English as a Foreign Language for intermediate learners. Original clips of landmarks and British traditions.

Ages 3-11

Thousands of clips covering subjects taught to elementary grade level children, in core and additional curriculum areas.

Ages 11-19

Inspire learners and create engaging products with thousands of high-quality video clips, covering all key subjects.

What do the people working with children say?

We worked together on platform layout, dialect training and striking technique. It had been unbelievably rewarding as a mentor and counselor to observe a number of those shy children blossom on the summertime.
DEBORAH WOODChild Specialist
Each kid differs, and a part of what I enjoy about my job is I get to assist every individual find his very own strengths and abilities and cultivate these traits throughout my informative strategy.
HELEN CRISTIEAccount Manager
It is fun, there is no exception and everybody’s on ground. Working well with kids is not only an issue of linking together, it is also about making sure a secure atmosphere.
Our children, our lives

About Us

Education Clip Library has been created using the unique skills and assets of two organisations: Independent Television News (ITN) and Espresso Education.

ITN is an international news and multimedia content provider. Its division, ITN Source, is the gateway to one of the largest collections of moving image libraries in the world with over 800,000 hours of iconic footage captured over three centuries, which is constantly growing at over 20 hours a day.

The Espresso Group is one of the UK’s fastest growing technology companies dedicated to developing and delivering content, learning platforms and web portal applications to education markets.

Its subsidiary, Espresso Education, is the UK market leader in the provision of video-based digital curriculum services to schools in England, and its brands, Espresso and Channel 4 Learning are highly recognised in the UK education market.

ITN has been a shareholder in the Espresso Group since 2005.

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